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      Marc Anthony

      & Salsa Tunes

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       Barry Gibb Tribute


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               "Jive Talkin' U.S.A."

         Tribute to The Bee Gees


The Rat Pack


 Great American Songbook /                   Crooners

            Tribute to

Englebert Humperdinck

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Mr. & Mrs. Dean Martin

    "Jive Talkin' U.S.A."

Tribute to The Bee Gees

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S
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     Truly a Singer Extraordinaire in all the music genres.  This Entertainer/Singer/Tribute Artist sings the Classics from The Great American Songbook, DooWop, Oldies, Motown, Love Ballads, Frankie Valli & Four Seasons, The Bee Gees, Smooth R&B and Classic Soul, Disco, Contemporary, Pop, and Salsa..



        Circle Square

            OCALA, Fl.

    Showtime 6:00 pm.

       "Live Vocal Mix"

     “Sings with a burning passion and astonishing true accuracy to the original artists songs, additionally he changes riffs and adlibs melodically to enhance to song.”

                                        "​The New York Times"

         NEWS UPDATE





        Cape Cabaret
        Cape Coral, Fl.
       Showtime 7 PM
    with "Jive Talkin' &        Four Seasons Tributes"
    William Cintron - Singer Extraordinaire,
          Founder and Lead Singer of his                            Tribute Bands Called:         
"Sounds Of The Seasons",  "Jersey Boys        ReUnion" and the latest: "Jive Talkin".
        A Tribute to "Frankie Valli & The
Four Seasons" as well as "The BeeGees"...
        William also performs Tributes  to
 "Dean Martin", "Engelbert Humpdinck", "The Bee Gees", and "Marc Anthony".
     Add to that the DooWop, Oldies,                Motown, R&B/Classic Soul, Disco,              Contemporary/Pop, The Stylistics,   
Smokey Robinson, Earth, Wind & Fire, 
Marc Anthony/Salsa tunes, and much more.



Apopka Community Center
  Tribute to The Bee Gees       with "Jive Talkin' U.S.A.
             Apopka, Fl.
               7:00 pm.




   Living Drama Theater
           Eustis, Fl.
     Showtime 6 PM
   Benefit Concert with 
            Ted Torres
      William Cintron.
Jersey ReUnion 2.jpeg
Jersey Boys ReUnion 2.jpg

Jersey Boys ReUnion

2019 Nominee


Dean & Marilyn

Tribute to Dean Martin

Ready for Showtime ! Can't wait.....I ge

Tribute to The Bee Gees

Kevon Re'Monte    Tim Rippey    Stan Alston     William Cintron

                           "Greatest American Voices"

             "Jive Talkin'" Promo Video

              Tribute to The  Bee Gees

Tragedy by "Jive Talkin' U.S.A."

"Only You" the Platters...

Intimate song called:  "Cara Mia"  

The DooWop Kings

  DooWop Kings & Queen


   Frankie Valli & Neil Diamond



"The Bee Gees"

                  "Sounds Of The Seasons"

 Tribute To Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

"Las Vegas "

Rat Pack & Marilyn Monroe